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Vend takes the guesswork out of decision-making with powerful sales and inventory reporting that’s live and accurate to the minute. Increase profitability with key retail metrics including sales, inventory levels, sell-through rates, margin and more.

Connect with Your Customers

You’re a retailer, not a tech wizard. We designed Vend to be so intuitive, anyone — from owners to managers to cashiers — can get the hang of it in minutes. You and your team can stop worrying about the tech side of things, and focus more on running and growing your business.

Vend streamlines your operations, boosts your efficiency, and helps you get the job done faster. You’ll get more hours back into your day, and you can spend that time serving your customers, cooking up new ideas, or simply doing things you truly love.

Vend simplifies your POS solution by streamlining:

  • Point of Sale

  • E-commerce

  • Payments Acceptance

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

  • Reporting

  • Multi-Outlet Growth

  • Add-ons

Middle Aged Woman

"I strongly suggest to anyone and everyone who is looking to save money in your business and keep it in your own pocket along with receiving old fashion customer service, which i might add is totally refreshing for me then Premier Plus is so worth working with.

Lorraine - Business Owner

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